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The Department of Urology was started 37hears ago. It is now offering MBBS Undergraduate and M.S. Post-graduate teaching programme. It is a tertiary care centre catering to the Urological Problems for the needy in the southern districts and it is manned by One Professor and Head of the Department, One Associate Professor, two Assistant Professors and two Senior Residents.

It has two units and all modern urological treatment acare in all the Subspecialities of Urology like Endo urology, Uro oncology, Renal Transplantation, Andrology and so on. It is equipped with all dndo urological equipments like Cystoscope, Resectoscope, Urteroscope, Lithotripter and "C" arm image intensifier.
An ESWL ( EXTRA CORPOREAL SHOCK WAVE LITHOTRIPSY) advanced equipment which is the boon to the patients of southern districts of Tamilnadu. It was installed in 2008. More than 1000 patients benefitted from stone removal without surgery.

The Department has bed strength of Fifty (50) comprising of Male,Female and Postoperative wards. The Outpatient clinics is conducted four days a week. Andrology clinic is conducted once in a week. The average outpatients turnover is about 40 new cases and 60 old cases per OP day. The department conducts regular teaching programmes for MBBS undergraduates and MS post graduates.

The Department has already undertaken 33 live Donor renal Transplantations and is planning to organize cadaveric transplanatation soon. The department undertakes about 500 major cases like Pyelolithotomy, Ureterolithotomy and Endo urological procedures like Ureteroscopy, Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy, uro-Oncological Procedure like Radical Nephrectomy, Radical Cystectomy, Nephro-Ureterctomy and 600 minor cases per year.

The institution has plans to acquire Urodynamic machine for the management of the Neurogenic Bladder and besides catering to the needs of the Orthopaedic (Paraplegic ward), Neurosurgery and Neurology departments.

Many scientific papers have been presented in National and Zonal conferences of Urological Society of India and staff members are participating as faculty members in various CME programmes.

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