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Dept. of Radiotherapy

Govt. Rajaji Hospital ,
History of the Department

            Department of Radiotherapy started in the 1952 with Radium 226 Radioactive source. It was replaced by the Co-60 and now we are having second Co-60 machine which was installed on 15.08.2002 and functioning till date. We are treating nearly 100 patients per day to a total number of 19,786 cases per year.
Present status of the Department
            External beam Radiation therapy with Co-60 Machine is given as part of Cancer treatment to all the Cancer Patients referred from other Departments of our hospital and patients from out side the hospital.
Academic Courses presently going on with number of seats
            1. Diploma in Radiotherapy Tenchnologist (DRTT) - 2 year course - 4 seats.
Number of Faculty Sanctioned.

            1. Professor of Radiotherapy                      - 1 post.
            2. Asst. Professor of Radiotherapy             - 2 posts.
            3. Asst. Prof. of Radiology Physics             - 1 post.         
            4. Radiotherapy Technician                         - 2 posts.
            5. Staff Nurses                                            - 2 posts.
            6. Lab Technician                                       - 1 post.
            7. Social Worker                                        - 1 post.
            8. Record clerk                                           - 1 post.
            9. Steno                                                      - 1 post.

            10. M.N.A. and F.N.A                               - 2 posts
 Facilities and Services Provided by the Department

            Co-60 Teletherapy cancer treatment
Prizes and Awards Received by the Faculty and students.
Awards Received by the Faculty

 Dr. S. Senthilkumar., Ph.D.,FUICC(USA).,FUICC(Lon.).,         Asst. Prof. of Radiology Physics.

  1. Gold Medal & Best Paper Award- AROI conference (AROICON 2012) at Kolkata, India.
  2. Best Paper Award-First Prize. AMPI conference (AMPICON 2012) at Mangalore, India.
  3. UICC (ICRETT) Fellowship Award (2012) at London, UK.
  4. AROI Medical Physicist Fellowship Award (2011) by AROI at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
  5. Gold Medal & Best Paper Award- AROI conference (AROICON 2010) at Patna, Bihar, India.
  6. Young Investigator award - 2010 by AMPI at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  7. Best Paper Award. AMPI conference (AMPI&TN CON 2010) at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  8. Best Paper Award. International conference (ONCOLOGY 2009) at Kottayam, Kerala, India.
  9. Best Paper Award. AROI Conference (AROI&TN CON 2008) at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  10. UICC (ICRETT) Fellowship Award (2008) at Mineapolish, MN, USA.
  11. Meritorious Medical Physicist Award-2006 by AMPI at Bhubaneswar, India. (National Level)
  12. Early Bird Award (AMPICON-2005) at Chennai, India.
Prizes and Awards constituted by the Department.
No. of Units, O.P. Days and Timings, I.P. Unit and Admission Day (Unit Wise).

            No. of Units                   : 1 unit

            O.P. Days and Timings   : Monday to Saturday and 8 am to 11.30 am.

            I.P. Days and Timings     : All days.

            Unit and Admission Day  : One Unit and Monday to Saturday.
Annual Average O.P and I.P.
O.P : New cases - 1,500          Old cases - 15840.

I.P : 4,200 / year.  
Special Clinics Conducted.
            Tumour board
            Pediatric Oncology meet.
l. For Labs  - Types of Tests Performed with Annual Statistics.
            All biochemical and Heamatological investigations.
Urine :

  1. Albumin
  2. Sugar
  3. Deposits
  4. Other relevant tests

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