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A.History of the Department:                                                                        

The Obstetrics & Gynaecology department was started under the head of Dr.A.K.Joseph & was succeeded by eminent professors who made their footprint in the history of obstetrics & Gynaecology in the following fields of interest.

1.                                     Dr.A.K.Joseph   1961
2.  Dr.Basker Rao 1961-1973
  Dr. F.S.Philips                                               1973 – 1977
4. Dr. May Manuel                       1977-1986
5. Dr.A.Logambal                                              1986 -1990
6. Dr.N.Vasantharani                            - 1990-1991
7. Dr.Gandhimathi                                                   1991-1992
8. Dr.S.Meenakshi                                            1992-1994
9. Dr.Vimala Rajappa                           -1994-1995
10. Dr.S.Nagarathinam                                                   - 1995-1998
11.  Dr.Meenambal 1998-2004
12. Dr.Marina packiaraj  May 2004- Dec04
13. Dr.S.Gowri                                         Jan 2005- June 05
14. Dr.Suthanthiradevi 2005-2006
15. Dr.S.Rajarajeswari                           2006-2007
16. Dr.Revathy Janakiram          2007-2009
17.  Dr.S.Dilshath                                                - 2009-2012
  • . Dr.Basker Rao -Father of social obstetrics, internationally well known personality in various research studies in social obstetrics & Maternal Mortality.
  • Dr. May Manuel  -Born Eminent Teacher, loved by UG & PG students.
  • Dr.A.Logambal   - Pioneer in Trial vaginal hysterectomy,VVF repair,& vaginoplasty
  • Dr P.Meenambal - OG auditorium was established during her period &satellite conferences were relayed
  •  DR.RevathyJanakiram Operative laparoscopy started functioning,National, Regional conferences, various workshops &CME was organized by her.  

1.Satellite Conference facilities arranged  from 2004

2.Fetal Medicine Live Workshop- 0n 21.02.2009 organised by Dr.Revathy Janakiram, Conducted by Dr.Deepika Dekha, AIIMS New Delhi. at GRH

4.Colposcsopy workshop on  by Dr. UmaDevi, Kidwai Cancer Hospital, Bangalore

5.Save The Female Child – Rally on1.9.08

6. 12/12 initiative- Adolescent anemia programme on  at various Corporation Schools, like Kakai padiniar school at Madurai.

 Conferences organised recently

1.All India Gynaec Oncology conference in 2007 alongwith Meenakshi mission hospital.at Madurai.

2.Dakshin 2008 at Madurai organized by DR .Parvathavarthini.

3.IV National conference on Research Methodology at Madurai in June 2009- organized by DR.Subbulakshmi  and DR.Ambigai meena.

4.YUVA FOGSI 2009 at Madurai in November 2009.

Satellite conference on “good clinical obstetrics & gynaecological practice on 21st century”relayed from Ahamedabad.
5.YUVA FOGSI 2012 at Madurai in July 2012 –organized by DR.Ambigaimeena.
Workshops organised

  • IUI workshop in Madurai -2009.Dr.Revathy Janakiram
  • Research methodology Workshop- at Madurai Dr.M.N.Parikh,Mumbai
  • Colposcopy Workshop – Madurai.Dr..Umadevi,Bangalore
  • Gynaec oncology surgery-Madurai.Dr.Mohan Prasad
  • Live workshop on caesarean section- 30.1.09
  • Workshop on recurrent pregnancy loss on April 23rd 2009.
  • Live workshop on current trends in surgical management of prolapse andpelvic floor defects by Dr.karthik gunasekaran,Dr.Pragnesh shah” on 16.7.11
  • Contraception update by Dr.Ritu Joshi, Dr.Girija on 27.8.11
  • Workshop on LMWH by Dr.Ragini Agarwal on 15.10.11
  • Workshop on obstetric dilemmas on 6.11.11Practical management of labour – Dr.Alpesh  and Dr.Parulkotda wala on 22.11.11


Present status of the Department:

1.Now the Department has 6 OBGY units, Family welfare wing and 24 hours tertiary level care busy Labour ward handling obstetric emergencies, referred from 5 Medical colleges (Theni, Tuticorin, Trichy, Sivagangai & Kanyakumari) & entire southern districts.

2. The No. of total deliveries per day in our CEmONC centre has increased to 40-50 per day on par with the Institue of obstetric & Gynaecology, Egmore, Chennai.

3. Our Department is a training centre  for the following programmes for Medical & Paramedical personnel.

                 i.  BEMONC Training
                ii.  EmOC Training for Medical officers
               iii.  Skilled birth Attendant training for staff Nurses & Maternity Assistants
               iv.  Colposcopy Training for Medical officers & Staff Nurses
                v.  USG Training
               vi.  Family welfare training -  MTP,  Minilap training
              vii.  Teaching for Nursing students – Diploma, B.sc & M.sc course .
                     Guiding the thesis submitted by the M.sc Nursing students.
C. Academic courses presently going on with Number of seats

            M.S(Obstetrics & Gynaecology)                  = 5 seats/year
            D.G.O(Obstetrics & Gynaecology)              = 16 seats/year
            M.B.B.S(Obstetrics & Gynaecology)          = 180 seats/year
D. No.of. Faculty sanctioned & Non teaching staffs available
            Professors – 6
            Assistant Professors            - 16 posts – Vacancy – 7

Staff Nurses Lab Technicians Counselors ANMS Hospital workers Steno typist
45 General-2
FW - 2
6 1
E. Facilities and Services provided by the Department.

Madurai Medical College, & Govt.Rajaji Hospital, is the premier institute down south catering the needs of the poor & needy public from south TamilNadu. Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department renders yeoman service round the clock. We do teaching, training and research works besides the main job of  treating the poor ones.

24 hours obstetric service rendered in this department is the best possible work to bring down Maternal & Perinatal Mortality.

 Qualified obstetricians with their team of  PG’s & CRRIs do round the clock stay in duty under able guidance of senior obstetricians.  Our co-friendly departments like, Peadiatrics, Anesthesiology,Medicine, Surgery and other superspeciality departments guide us in reducing maternal & perinatal mortality.  

Gynaec problems are admitted and the needed Medical & Surgical Care extended without any hesitation.

UG’s and Staff Nurse trainees and all trainers are taught to manage patients skillfully. Multi various trainings are given to Medial officers & Paramedical staff.

ICMR attached to our Department, does a real research work on many fields in O&G.

24 hours  screening is done for all pregnant women for HIV and the patients are managed courteously. So that vertical transmission can be prevented. This PPTCT programme functions from 2002 onwards.

F.Prizes & Awards received by the Faculty & students:

Dr.Suthanthira devi               Best paper award  AICOG – Kolkatta
Dr.Revwathy Kailairajan Best young scientist perinatology                                                            ICMR award
Dr.P.Angayarkanni Best Paper Presentation  on Portal Hypertension Complicating Pregnancy  and its outcome C.S.Dawn  Prize Cash award  –AICOG, Varanasi 2012
Dr.Mareeswari DGO PG                                Best Poster presentation on vulvar                                                                      Cancer  – cash award – AICOG-                                                                    2011, Hyderabad
Dr.Sriranjani MD PG & Dr. Rekha MD PG                                                Quiz prize – SRI Ramachandra                                                                      Medical college,2011.
Dr.Kasthuri MD PG &Dr.Priyadharshini PG Quiz prize –  II Prize – YUVAFOGSI -09
Dr.Karthikayini DGO., PG    Rare case of puerperal sepsis –Yuva fogsi 2012
Dr.Prasanna  MD PG                                    Paper presentation on Gigantomastia Complicating  Pregnancy  – I Prize in                                                                     OGSSI conference Chennai Nov- 2012
Dr.Poihai DGO PG                           Best Paper on Interesting case              presentation  - I PrizeYUVAFOGSI – 2012
Dr.Chellammal  & Dr.Sivanandavalli  PG     I Prize in Quiz competition AICOG

G.  Prizes & Awards constituted by the Department:

1. Prof.Dr.P.Meenambal - Retd.Prof.& HOD Of.O&G, MMC I &II University Rank for UG students
Prof.Dr.P. Meenambal’s silver  Medal from 2002 onwards
2. .”SETHU ACHI MEDAL ProfessdDr.S.P.Meenakshisundaram(Retd. Director & HOD of Anaesthesia, MMC) Prof.Dr.S.Lalitha(Retd.Prof.Of.O&G, MMC) in memory of Thirumathi.Sethuachi  mother of  Dr.S.P.Meenakshi Sundaram. To the M.D(O&G) DGO PG who have secured the first mark in University exam  at Madurai Medical college.
3 Dr.Revathi janakiram(Retd.Director & HOD IOG Chennai- silver medal in the memory of her mother Mrs.Kunjammal. First university rank for M.D, D.G.O&UG students

H.   No.of.Units, O.P.Days and Timings, I.P.Unit & Admission Day(Unit Wise)

I UNIT Monday Wednesday
II UNIT Tuesday Thursday
III UNIT Wednesday Friday
IV UNIT Thursday Saturday
 V UNIT Friday Monday
Family welfare unit
OP on all days
On all working days
  1. Annual Average O.P. & I.P

Statistics for the year

1970 1985 2003 2005 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
1. No. of out patients 18658 29,653 56707 61954 66321 69247
2. No. of in patients 15427 18,803 18864 22698 26310 28725
184776 194101
Number of emergency surgeries done per day-15 to 20.
J. Special Clinics conducted:

There are Multi number of special clinics conducted by our Department of O&G for better & special Care of Needy.

  1. Infertility Clinic – For child less couple
  2. Menopause clinic – For attending problems in post menopausal womenOncology clinic – For Gynaec. Cancer patients
  3. Adolescent clinic – For Adolescent girls with menstrual & psycho somatic illness in collaboration with pediatrician & psychiatrist.
  4. Leucorrhoea clinic – For patients with abnormal vaginal discharge.
  5. Cancer screening clinic – For screening for cervical & Breast cancer
K.  Types of surgeries performed per Annum

S.No. Type of  Surgeries 1970 1985 2003 2005 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
1 No. of LSCS 415 620 3730 3744 3860 3357 4411 4964 5499
2 No. of major
540 476 4337 4379 3584 4607 5209 5382 4798
3 No. of minor operations 505 689 3730 3744 3163 3518 1724 1743 1783
 Lab facilities available in our department-

Blood grouping & typing
Urine-Albumin,sugar,acetone,bile salts,bile pigments
vaginal wet film  examination for trichomonas vaginalis,


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