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The department of neurosurgery was started as a combined department of neurosurgery and neurology in the year 1963 by Prof.M.Natarajan who remained the head of the department until 1986. During this period the department grew from a single neurosurgeon manned department to one with three units with three professors and eight assistant professors and with an intake of three neurosurgery resident every year. The department at present has a bed strength of 73 sanctioned beds ,out of which 46 are elective neurosurgery and 27 for head and spine injury. The M.Ch Neurosurgery course was started in the year 1968 and so far 85 Neurosurgeons have qualified from this department and are occupying important position in various private and public sector hospitals across theGlobe. The 50th anniversary of the department of Neurosurgery, Madurai Medical college & Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai is being commemorated this year (2013).


Present status of the Department


The Department has three units with three professors and eight assistant professors and an intake of three neurosurgery resident every year. The department at present has bed strength of 73 sanctioned beds. Out of which 46 are elective neurosurgery and 27 for head and spine injury.


Academic Courses presently going on with Number of seats


M.Ch course in Neurosurgery- 6years and 3 years course. Eligibility for 6 years course is MBBS and for 3 years course is M.S (General Surgery).Sanctioned numbers of seats for the course is 1 seat per year for 6yrs course and  2 seats per year for 3 years course, and affiliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University, Chennai. Selection of the residents is through The Tamil Nadu Post graduate Entrance Examination for 6yrs course and The Tamil Nadu Higher Specialty Entrance examination for 3 years course. University examination details. Periodic academic activities are neurosurgery topic presentation followed by clinical case demonstration with discussion on management for all three  on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (3 days a week). Neuro Ophthalmology, Neuroradiology classes, journal club and seminars every month.


Number of Faculty sanctioned and Non-Teaching staffs available


Faculty members

Three Professors

Eight Assistant Professors

One neuroradiology Assistant Professor


Non-teaching staffs

One neurophysiotherapist

One lab technician




Prizes and Awards Received by the Faculty & Students

  • Sugita scholarship from Nagoya University Japan was awarded to Dr.N.Muthukumar in 1992
  • Spine fellowship at LTMG Hospital London was awarded to Dr.D.Kailairajan
  • Skull base surgery fellowship from Osaka Medical School Japan was awarded to Dr.N.Muthukumar in 1994
  • International fellowship of Congress of Neurological Surgeons, USA was awarded to Dr.N.Muthukumar in 1997
  • Resident Dr.N.Arunkumar has won first prize in the MCQ contest conducted at Annual Neurological Society of India conference at NIMHANS Bangalore in December – 2011.


Department Publications


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No. of Units, OP Days and Timing, I.P. Unit & Admission Days (Unit Wise)


No of Units        3 Units.

O.P Days           Monday to Saturday

Timings             10AM to 12 Noon

Emergency admissions round the clock service.




IP Unit & Admission day (Unit wise)

Unit-I               Monday and Thursday

Unit-II              Tuesday and Friday

Unit-III             Wednesday and Saturday

Sunday - All the 3 units in rotation.

Average O.P        15,000 per year

Average IP            Elective admission - 800 per year

            Emergency admission – 3,500 per year


Type of surgeries performed (for surgical departments)



                                         PREOPERATIVE                                                                                 POST - OPERATIVE

                                     PRE-OPERATIVE                                                                                          POST-OPERATIVE










   SPINAL DYSRAPHISM                                       



                                                        PREOPERATIVE                                                                             POST-OPERATIVE



                 LATERAL MASS SCREW FIXATION                                                         ATLANTO AXIAL DISLOCATION

            INTRAOPERATIVE             POSTOPERATIVE                                         INTRAOPERATIVE              POSTOPERATIVE


                    Odontoid Screw Fixation

          PRE OPERATIVE                      POST OPERATIVE

Emergency Surgeries

Craniotomy and evacuation of extradural hematoma
      PRE OPERATIVE                             INTRA OPERATIVE                    POST OPERATIVE



  • Craniotomy and evacuation of subdural hematoma
  • Craniotomy and evacuation of intracranial hematoma
  • Depressed fracture elevation
  • CSF fistula repair
  • Burr hole and tapping of chronic subdural hemorrhage
  • Burr hole and tapping of brain abscess
  • Extra ventricular drainage
  • Ventriculoperitoneal shunt


Conferences conducted by the department


  • In 1983 and 2006 Annual Conference of the NSI was conducted by the Neurosurgery Department.
  • Spine Conferences in the years 2001,2002,2003 and 2009 were conducted by the Neurosurgery Department.



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