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Department of Microbiology   

            This Department was founded in 1954 and was manned by very eminent personalities. It offers academic services to MBBS, MD (Microbiology), DMLT, BPHARM, B.Sc Nursing, and also Diagnostic services to  in patient and out patients of Government Rajaji Hospital as well as to other peripheral  hospitals . It also indulges in research activities with modern molecular laboratory facilities and other paraphernalia. We perform investigation of out breaks during their occurrence; routinely carry out operation theatre sterility, water Analysis and food Microbiology Analysis.

No.of sections in the Department

          1]      Bacteriology
          2]      Mycobacteriology
          3]      Serology
          4]      Parasitology
          5]      Mycology
          6]      Immunology
          7]      Virology     -        HIV
                                                HBsAg, HCV
                                                Encephalo Meningiti
          8] Molecular Lab
          9] CBNAAT laboratory – GeneXpert *
          10] Intermediate Reference Laboratory (IRL)**

* Cartridge Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Test used to detect rifampicin Resistant in suspected case of MDR with in two hours.
** Apex RNTCP certified laboratory for the state.

                   Currently this facility is available only in Madurai Medical College  among the Govt health care sector in Tamil Nadu state.

           This project is funded by RNTCP, Central TB Division.

Academic Activities:

I                                          Medical

                                                  A]        M.B.B.S.,

                                                  B]        M.D. (Medical Microbiology)

II                                         Paramedical

                                                  A]        Degree - B. Pharm, BSc MLT

                                                  B]        Diploma – Diploma in Medical Laboratory                                                                                                            Technology & various other Diploma and                                                                                                                          Certificate Courses.
III                                         Nursing   
                                                   A]        Degree - B.Sc Nursing  


Course Duration
Number of seats
Affiliated University Selection Procedure Examination
M.B.B.S +2, 41/2 yrs+
 1 yr CRRI.
155 The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University Counselling Theory – 2 papers
Practical – 1day
M.D M.B.B.S., 3 Yrs 2 ,, ,, Theory – 4 papers
Practical – 3days
B.Sc Nursing +2, 4 yrs 50 ,,           ,, Theory – 1 paper
B.Pharm +2 4 yrs 60 ,, ,, Theory – 1 paper
Practical – 1 day
BSc MLT +2 4 yrs 20 '' ,, Theory - 1 paper
Practical i day
DMLT +2 2 Yrs 100 King Institute of
preventive medicine
and Directorate of
Medical Education, Chennai.
,, Theory – 1 paper
Practical – 1day
Periodic Academic Activities
Post Graduates teaching     –          journal club weekly, seminar fortnightly
PG Dissertation Topic 2006-2011

M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Association of Leptospira in Hepatitis Cases Madurai Medical College Ganesan S Sep 2006  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Microbiological Profile in Infective Endocarditis with Antibiogram Madurai Medical College Amba bhavani Sep 2006  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology A Study of Otomycosis in Madurai Madurai Medical College Cinthujan.B SEP 2006  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Study of acinetobacter species as a nosocomial pathogen by plasmid profile typing Madurai Medical College Sophia.B SEP 2006  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology The Study of prevalence of dengue sero type in madurai by molecular methods Madurai Medical College Lallitha.S Mar 2007  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Bacteroides fragilis in Sepsis-Microbiological Studies. Madurai Medical College Sugumari C Mar 2008  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Dienes Methods,Rapid Typing ,Antibiotic Susceptibility Methods used in epidemiological survey of pseudomonas aeruginosa. Madurai Medical College Dr.N.Ram Murugan Mar2008  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Study on the prevalence, speciation and antibiogram of enterococci isolated from heterogenous clinical samples Madurai Medical College Lavanya.K Mar 2008  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Dermatophytes Madurai Medical College Dr.Sudha.M Mar2009  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology
Study on efficacy and safety of sa-14-14-2 vaccine against japanese encephalitis virus at virudhunagar district
Madurai Medical College
Mar 2009
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Prevalence and Comparision of Various techniques in the Isolation of Causative Organisms in Acute pyogenic Meningitis In Tertiary care Hospital. Madurai Medical College Anuradha.N Mar 2010  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology A Study on microbial etiology of ventilator associated pneumonia Madurai Medical College Preethi.J Mar 2010  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Neonatal sepsis screening , a correlative study of CRP,Procalcitonin and Blood culture Madurai Medical College Teresemary.D Mar 2011  
M.D., Branch IV Microbiology Characterization of Multi Drug Resistant Salmonella  Typhi by Genotyping and Phenotyping Methods Madurai Medical College Ramalatha.S Mar
Research Projects
                        1] Determining the role of AEDES ALBOPICTUS in the transmission of                                                                     Chikungunya virus in South India. Preparation of antigen and processing                                                                      the human/mosquito samples collected from outbreak areas in Tamilnadu                                          for virus isolation.

                        2] Development and evaluation of non structural antigen-1(NS1) based                                                                       indigenous diagnostic kit for the early detection of Dengue virus infection.

                        3] Networking of surveillance of N.gonorrhoea.

                        4] Hospital based sentinel surveillance for Bacterial Meningitis.
These  projects are funded by ICMR.
                        1] Diagnosis of HIV infection among voluntary attenders
                        2] CD4 Absolute counts and CD4 percentage in adults and children.
                        3] Diagnosis of opportunistic infection in PLHAs.
                        4] Collection of DBS for HIV DNA PCR- for EID
                        5] SRL- State Reference   Laboratory for HIV    
                        6] SRC-State Reference Centre for STI
These projects are funded by TANSACS.
                    1] WHO –AES Surveillance programme funded byDPH 

Intramural Funding
Characterization of virulence factor in Uropathogenic E.coli by phenotypic & genotypic methods
  •  Clinical significance of Anaerobes in orofacial infections
  • Speciation of  Biofilm producing Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus by phenotypic & genotypic methods
  • Penotypic & genotypic characterization of metallobetalactamase producing strains of Pseudomaonas species

List of publications from the department during the last 3 years in National Journals.

  1. Serological study of viral encephalitis in southern districts of Tamilnadu- published in Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology(1997)- 177-179 
  1. Dengue fever caused by Dengue virus serotype 3(subtypeIII) in a rural area of Madurai District- published in Indian Journal of Medical Research 132, Sepember 2010,pp339-342 
  1. Networking system for arbovirus disease surveillance in India-Indian Journal of Medical Research (in press)
PRIZE EXAM Conducted and won in last 5 years
      1]               January 2009-153 Batch
                                     Ist Certificate of Merit                     
                                                A] Mr.Arunviswanath
                                                B] Miss.M.Nithya
                                    IInd Certificate of Merit
                                                A] Miss.S.Nithya
      2]                 December 2011 – 137 Batch
                                    Ist Certificate of Merit
                                                A] N.Priyadharshini
                                    IInd Certificate of Merit
                                                A] I.Rajalakshmi
CME Conducted in last 5 years
      1] LEPTOSHOPPE – 2007
                        Workshop on diagnostic methods for Leprospirosis – 21& 22/09/2007
      2] HAICON – 2009
                        Hospital Acquired infection – A challenge to clinician - 02/05/2009
       3] Workshop and Hands on training for an “Approach to MD   
                        Microbiology Practical Examination – 24 – 26/01/2010
No.of sections in the Department
            1]         Bacteriology
            2]         Mycobacteriology
            3]         Serology
            4]         Parasitology
            5]         Mycology
            6]         Immunology
            7]         Virology          -          HIV
                                                            HBsAg, HCV
                                                            Encephalo Meningitis
O.P specimen collection at Government Rajaji Hospital  OP No 27:        8.00am to 1.00pm.
Average Specimen               200 – 250 / day.
List of Laboratory tests performed.
            I. Culture and Sensitivity of                   1.         Pus
                                                                        2.         Throat swab
                                                                        3.         Sputum
                                                                        4.         Cerebral spinal Fluid
                                                                        5.         Other body Fluid
                                                                        6.         Urine
                                                                        7.         Faeces
                                                                        8.         Blood -           a. Enteric
                                                                                                            b. Non Enteric
            II. Rifampicin Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 
            III. HIV Serology and CD4 –CD8 Count
            IV. Serological Tests like    
  •       Widal
  • Rapid Plasma Reagin
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Anti-Streptolysin-O
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Hepatitis B Surface antigen
  • Hepatitis C Virus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rabies.
            V. IDSP                                  1.         JE
                                                            2.         Dengue
                                                            3.         Westnile
                                                            4.         Chickungunya
Average Number  of Specimen collected and Processed per annum

S.no Name of the Culture No of Samples
1. Pus Culture 1502
2. Throat swab 503
3. Sputum 750
4. CSF 750
5. Other Body Fluids 750
6. Urine 3000
7. Faeces 2500
8. Blood – Enteric Culture
             Non Enteric Culture
HIV Serology and CD4 –CD8 Count

S.no Name of  the Tests No of Samples
1. CD4-CD8 Count 9310
2. HIV Detection test-rapid test 16969
Serological Tests

S.no Name of  the Tests No of Samples
1. Widal 6000
2. Rapid Plasma Reagin 6000
3. Rheumatoid Arthritis 2000
4. Anti streptolysin-O 2000
5. C-Reactive Protein 2000
6. Hepatitis B surface antigen 500
7. Hepatitis  C Virus 500
8. Leptospira 300
9. Rabies 10
10. JE 473
11. Dengue 869
12. Westnile Nil
13. Chickungunya 789

S.no Name of  the Tests No of Samples
1. Peripheral smear for Malaria 100
2. H1N1  Virus-PCR  28
3. Water Analysis 200
4. Theatre Sterility 300
5. Food  Analysis  25

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