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          The Department of Medicine with teaching faculty was started in the year 1956 headed by Dr.M.D. Ananthachari with first batch of undergraduate students. Later in 1963, M.D. General Medicine Postgraduate course was started with the due recognition of the Medical Council of India. Eminent Professors headed the department and upgraded it its present state.

          The family tree of Medicine started sprouting its branches slowly. In 1970s Neurology, between 1980 – 1990 Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Medical Oncology, and Transfusion Medicine got establised and separate departments..
        The department has seven Medical units headed by 8 senior Professors assisted by 17 Assistant Professors. There is an air-conditioned   Intensive Medical care unit with    beds and    beds for Respiratory care headed by a senior Professor. Round the clock service is done by the Assistant Professor, Postgraduates and Interns. It is well equipped with emergency gadgets like ventilators, bedside monitor, Pulse Oximeters, four-channel ECG machine, etc.

          There is an air-conditioned seminar hall with slide projectors, over-head projectors, Video cassette player and television. The library has a collection of latest books and journals.

          Each Medical unit has    beds in the Male ward,    beds in the Female ward.  It is well equipped with all facilities for patient care, teaching and bedside tests. All 7 units look after the Out-patient and admissions daily on rotation.

          1500- 2000 patients attend the  regular OPD every day until 12.00 Noon. Thereafter emergency case  seen round the clock. About 55 –60 male patients and  30–35  female patients are admitted every day. Emergency are tackled  efficiently with the help from  super-specialists.

          Community health care is extended to the rural areas under the Re-Orientation of  Medical education scheme. (ROME) by way of group discussions, teaching hygiene and  preventive aspect of the diseases.

          We are training 24 Postgraduates and 155 Undergraduates every year.


-        Clinical demonstrations by Senior Professors between 7.30-10.00 am. daily.
-        Bedsides Clinics in the ward after the OP by the Professor and Assistant    Professors.
-        General clinics once a week by Senior Professors.
-        Intensive coaching classes by Registrar biweekly for 1st Clinical Students.
-        Evening clinics by Duty Physician.
-        Theory classes in the noon by the Professors and the Assistant Professors.
-        Periodic Clinical assessment to improve efficiency of students.
-        Periodical Quiz Programmes, are being conducted.

Post Graduates

Postgraduates during the three year course undergo training in all specialities like:
Cardiology, Nephrology, Oncology, Gastero-enterology, Radiology/ Neurology,
Paediatrics, Dermatology, Psychiatry, STD, Thoracic Medicine, Transfusion Medicine,
Other teaching programmes 
  • General Clinics every week by the Professors.
  • Speciality Clinics every week
  • Symposium and Clinico-Pathological Conferences are organised by Medicine and Speciality Departments.
  • Training to take classes for undergraduates.
  • Tutorial classes by duty Physician daily in the evening.
  • Periodical panel discussions to update the knowledge.
  • Annual Continuing Medical Education Programme for the past eight years.
  • Weekly Physician Conferences for the past 30 years,
  • Participation in the Clinical Society meeting bimonthly
 Name of the Course   MD( General Medicine) Postgraduate - Degree course

          Eligibility                                                         A student must pass in MBBS Course
          Course duration                                             3 years
          Sanctioned number ofseats                           24 seats
          Affiliated University                                        The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R.Medical University,   Chennai.
          Selection procedure       
          University examination  details                    Every year  twice in April  & September

Name of the Course   -   MBBS –Medicine    

          Eligibility                                                         A student must pass in  + 2 examination.
          Course duration                                             4 ½ years  +  1 year Compulsory rotatory resident internee
          Sanctioned number of seats                          155  seats
          Affiliated University                                        The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R.Medical University, Chennai.
          Selection procedure       
          University examination  details                     Every year  twice in April  & September

          Name of the Course   -  Para Medical Course – Emergency Care Technician  -     one year certificate course  

          Eligibility                                                       A student pass in  + 2 examination.
          Course duration                                           1 year
          Sanctioned number of    seats                     20 seats
           Selection procedure       
          University examination details                      Every year  twice in January  &  July
Research and Publications (National & International for the past 5 years)


Topic  - Clinical profile in chronic kidney disease  ( 2011 – 2012)

2.Number of publications in the National and International journals:(2011-12)
E  Journals of the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R.Medical University
1.A case report of subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis.
2.Prevalence of Hypertension in Mudhuvan community.
3.Interesting neurological manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus.
4.Insulin autommune syndrome  - HIRATA’s  disease.
( patient on methimozole therapy for grave’s disease)
5.Reporting a case of Glanzamannz thrombaesthenia and review of the literature.
6.A case of benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis.
7.Resolution of insulin treated diabetes.
8.Sturge- Weber syndrome – A rare congenital neurodermatosis-A case report.
9.Thrombotic stroke following viper bite -  A case report.                                       
10.Tooth loss and peridontal disease among diabetic patients
11.A case of juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
12.A case report of Extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa  associated lymphoid tissue type  ( MALT) of the testes.
13.A rare case of CML presenting as  priapism.
14.An interesting case of hypertension in young presenting as tetany
15.A case of Rheumatoid vasculitis.
16.A case of juvenile dermatomyositis with peritoneal calcification.
17.A case of parathyroid adenoma parented as multiple pathological fractures in     a young male.
18.Primary Hypoparathyroidism  presentig as seizures and bilateral basal      ganglia  calcification  - A case report
19.A case of  Alstrom’s  syndrome.

What is new in hypertension  ?
Published in  DHSM  02  April – December  2010  special issue

4.Number of presentation of papes both in National and State Conference :

1.Tamil Nadu RSSDI State Conferene  - 2010 (Madurai )
Paper presentation
Protein tolerance test in early DKD.
2.Tamil Nadu RSSDI State Conferene  - 2011 (TUTICORIN)
Poster presentation
Bilateral Emphysematous Pyelonephritis in a diabetic patient.
Paper presentation
Retrospective study of the demographic profile of patients with diabetes
  mellitus at Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai.
3.BPCON  - 2010  (MADURAI)
Prevalence of hypertension in Mudhavan community.
4.BPCON  - 2011 (Chidambaram)
Poster presentation
Evaluation of causes of resistant hypertension.
5.APICON  - 2012 –(KOLKATA)
1.An interesting  case of Adreno  myeloneuropathy  
2.An interesting case of posterior circulation stroke – B/L thalamic infarct.
3.An interesting case of HIRATA’ s disease.

Prizes and award constituted by the Department :

1.Department Prize                                                                         Medal & Merit certificate
2.API prize   (Association of Physicians of India)                       Medal & Merit certificate
Prizes  and Awards won
          The following Undergraduate & Postgraduate students have qualified for the Department & API  Medal & Merit certificates for the year 2012.

          1.Dr. Madeline Vidhya                        Medal
          2.Dr.M.Beatrice Anne                         Merit certificate
          3.Dr.Nishad Raveendran                  Merit certificate

          1. Thiru. Ragavendran                        Medal
          2. Thiru.Sabarish                                Merit certificate
          3. Thiru.Arun Prasath.                        Merit certificate

          1.Dr.Beatrice Anne                               Medal
          2.Dr.Nishad Raveendran                    Merit certificate
          3.Dr.Karthick                                          Merit certificate

          1. Selvi. Dhauna Prasad                     Medal
          2.Thiru. Vinayagamani                        Merit certificate

CMEs/Workshops/ Conferences conducted by the Department (by the past 5 years/yearwise)
 CME Programme is being conducted every year in the month of October/ November.

Services Offered
1. No.of units in the Department              7  Medical Units

2. OP Days  and timings                          - Monday to  Sunday
                                                                                  7.30 A.M. 12.Noon

3.I.P Unit  & Admission day  (Unitwise)


Medical Units

Admission day  

Unit – I


Unit – II


Unit – III


Unit – IV


Unit – V


Unit – VI


Unit – VII


Bed strength of the Department
Speciality Dept.Name No.of units in the Department sanctioned bed strength
No.of Beds 32 32 33 32 35 30 28
IMCU – 15 beds              

Average OP                            1500-2000/DAY
Average IP                             70-80/day

Special clinics conducted by the Department:
1)Adolescent Medical problems
2.NCD clinic
3.Clinical toxicology
4.Master health check up
5.Geriatric clinics
6.Hematological disorders( hemophilia)-day care clinics
7.Rheumatology clinics
8.Vascular medicine problems.
List of Laboratory tests performed ( for laboratory attached departments)

Blood  Hb% 2200
TC 1000
DC 1000
ESR   500
BT   100
CT   100
Fluids C.S.F     75
P.F.     60
A.S.F     40
Urine Albumin 1000
Sugar  1200
Dep  1000
BS    100
BP    100
Acetones 250


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