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            The Department of Forensic Medicine was started in the year 1956 and Dr.S.Gandhamadhanan was the first to be appointed as Tutor to organize the Department, Dr.C.B.Gopalakrishnan took charge as Lecturer on 2.1.1958.  Dr.M.N.Ganapathy, Dr.P.G.Paul, Dr.K.Natarajan, Dr.P.Natarajan, Dr.Sembon David,Dr.K.Sundaramoorthy,  Dr.K.Amrit Patnaik, Dr.B.Thiyagarajan, Dr.K.Meiyazhagan and Dr.G.Natarajan successively occupied the post of Professorship.  A post of Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine was created in the year 1968 and it was occupied by  Dr.K.Natarajan,  Dr.A.Varadharajasundaram, Dr.S.V.Rajalakshmi, Dr.Sembon David, Dr.Cecilia Cyril, Dr.B.Thiyagarajan, Dr.K.Meiyazhagan, Dr.G.Natarajan and the post is vacant now. 

            The Department of Forensic Medicine is located in the ground floor of the eastedrn wing of the college buildings occupying an area of 3380 sq.feet.  The Department consists of a museum (with specimens, models, charts and photographs Total No:454) a laboratory for postgraduates (with facilities for examination of blood, semen and histopathological sections of tissues obtained from autopsy) and a library (with a collection of 155 reference books and journals)
Medicolegal work:   

            The medicolegal autopsies were initially conducted at the old mortuary at the Government Rajaji Hospital.  A new mortuary was constructed in 1964 with 3 autopsy tables and other facilities for demonstration of autopsies to students and separate rooms for the Police and Public.  Again a mortuary was constructed in the year 1986.  The number of Postmortem examinations conducted yearly increased steadily as follows:
Year                                        Number of Postmortem
1957                                       157
1960                                       264
1970                                       306
1978                                       433
1979                                       544
1996                                       2005
2006                                       2149
2008                                       2273
2011                                       2943              
2012                                       3247  
             Examination of sexual offence cases and Expert Opinion are also undertaken in this Department of Forensic Medicine, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.
B. Present Status of the Department:
            Now the Department of Forensic Medicine, Madurai Medical College, Madurai under the control of Professor Dr.G.Natarajan, M.D., District Police Surgeon, and conducting more than 12 autopsies per day, and conducting Examination of Sexual Offence cases,  Expert Opinion, taking classes for Police Officials, etc.,
C. Academic Courses presently going on with Number of Seats:
            M.B.B.S.                     - 250 Students from the Academic Year 2019-20
            M.D., (FM)                  - Three per year from the Academic Year 2021-22.
D. Number of Faculty sanctioned and Non Teaching Staffs available. (Names of any person not to be mentioned) Posts vacant.
Name of Post                        Post Sanctioned                 
Professor                                           01                                  
Associate Professor                        01                                  
Assistant Professor –
Tutors                                                 06                                  
Scientific Officer                                01                                   
Steno Typist                                      01                                   
Non Medical Demonstra                01                                   
Lab Technician                                 04                                  
Basic Servant                                   04                                   
Facilities and Services provided by the Department:
            The Department of Forensic Medicine, Madurai Medical College, Madurai is able to conduct more than six autopsies at a time, so that speedy disposal of dead bodies to their relatives.  Being the District Police Surgeon, Our Head of the Department is able to clear all the Medicolegal Doubts of Police and Judicial officials of in and around Madurai Districts.  Conducting Sexual offence cases, Expert Opinion,  Exhumation & Spot Postmortem and taking classes for Police officials.
 Prizes and Awards Received by the Faculty & Students:
                     The following Publications are submitted by Department of Forensic Medicine, Madurai Medical College, Madurai:
  • “ A study of suicide in Madurai “
  • “ Clinical and Pathological aspects of Accidents “
  • “ Endomyo cardial  Fibrosis “
  • “ Accidents “
  • “ Suicide in Madurai “
  • “ Traffic Accidents – Analysis of Cases from 1961 -1970 “
  • “ Estimation of Age by Gustafson’s method “
The following were some of the projects undertaken in this department as part of Postgraduate Dissertation work and Research Programme:
  • “Determination of ‘N” point to prevent lethal over dosage of Atropine.
  • Estimation of Age by Gustafson’s method
  • Prevalence of Australian Antigen in Liver Specimens obtained from autopsy cases.
  • Study of Dermatoglyphics in inheritable diseases.
  • Organo phosphorous poisoning.
  • Prevalence of AIDS cases in Un diagnosed Medicolegal Deaths.
  • Age & Sex of the individual based on the Vertical & Horizontal Diameter of the Orbit.
  • Variation in Right Coronary Artery.
  • Dentition in Children – Eruption of temporary & permanent tooth with relation to age.
  • Variation in Right Coronary Artery
‹Faculty Position:
Professor & HOD  
Associate Professor  
Assistant Professor  
Tutor/ Demonstrators  

Sl. NO Department 2018 2017 2016
National International National
International National International
  Forensic Medicine            
Dr. T. Selvaraj MBBS, DCH, MD, Professor & HOD 2   4   9  
Dr .S.Sadasivam MBBS, DDVL, MD(FM)     1   2  
Dr. G.Manigandan, MBBS, MD(FM)            
Dr. A.L. Devi Bhiansha, MBBS, MD(FM) 2          
National seminars/ Conference conducted
Sl. NO Department 2018 2017 2016
National International National
International National International
Forensic Medicine Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
CME Conducted January -18 to December-18
Sl. NO Department CME/Credit hours
Forensic Medicine Nil Nil

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