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Blood Bank , Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai.


A new gateway was opened for saving many lives from the loss of blood, not only for Madurai people but also south Tamilnadu people were getting benefits from Blood bank, Govt.Rajajai Hospitai,Madurai since 1969..Before that the patients of Govt.Rajaji Hospital had to pay for their needs of Blood.

To fulfill the needs of blood, In 1970,Blood Donors Club was inaugurated by the great efforts of  Dr.S.A.Kabir, the Dean of Govt.Rajaji Hospital and Madurai Medical College, and his team Dr.T.Dorairajan (First Staff Advisor ), Dr.T.Chellaiah,( Staff advisor ) Dr.G.Bhaskaran ( First Secretary ) and the students of  Madurai Medical College.

The efforts of Blood Donors Club in blood bank cannot be expressed in words. They have been motivated the voluntary blood donors and conducting  many voluntary blood donation camps. In 1970,21 voluntary donors had donated but now it crossed 21,000 in 2012.

In 1983, obtaining blood from Professional donors was completely stopped.

In June 14th 2004, obtaining blood from Relative donors was also stopped completely. From that day onwards, we are achieving 100% Voluntary blood donation.

In 1996, Blood components separating units were received. Since 1996 we are separating blood components, like Fresh frozen plasma, Packed cells and Platelets successfully.

In 2007, Honorable Mr.Mohan ,M.P had donated Mobile Blood collecting van.

 In 2009, NACO announces our blood bank as Model blood bank.

In 2010, NACO Supplied Blood Mobile Collecting Bus. We are conducting Mobile blood donation camps at door steps of the donors.  Blood Mobile Collecting Bus is used to collect the blood from voluntary donors from various places in and around Madurai.

Year by Year we are increasing our service towards saving  the lives from death due to blood loss. We are saving many lives from accidents victims,  surgeries including cardiac surgeries, deliveries, bleeding disorders including thrombocytopenia & coagulation factors deficiency ,therapeutic treatments  like anemia, thalassemia ,cancers, burns cases and other etc .

We have achieved the blood collection about 21,620 units in 2012 where as the blood collection was 3606  units in 1970

Year Total Units
1970 3606
1980 5777
1990 7200
2000 9453
2010 14803
2011 16134
2012 21620


ROUND THE CLOCK                    ( 24 x 7 Days )

Blood collection routine time               9.00 AM to 1.00 PM
                                                                         ( except Sundays )

                                                          In emergency through out the day.




Well-equipped donor room with four Blood Collecting Couches are used to collect the blood from 4 donors at the time. Well trained and experienced staff Nurses are   bleeding the donors and guide them in proper manner. 
Donors donating blood in couch



BLOOD STORAGE ROOM with Blood Bank Refrigirators 




After proper collection of blood the blood bags are stored in sophisticated Blood Bank Refrigerators.
The Screened and Unscreened blood bags are stored in separate refrigerators at 2oC to 6oC.
Blood bags are stored in proper temperature with aseptic precaution . 
Collected  blood bags are screened for transfusion transmitted diseases like
1. HIV I & II                                  
2. H.Bs.Ag
3. H.C.V         
4. V.D.R.L
5. Malarial Parasite
6. Micro filaria.                                                                                 

 The screening lab is also well equipped with ELISA reader, ELISA Washer, Dry incubator.  If any positive results are identified, we inform the donor to get proper treatment. The screening reports were maintained confidentially                                                                                                                                                          



The following components like
1. Packed cells
2. Fresh frozen plasma
3. Platelets are separated by spohisiticated instrumentsnamely cryofuge ( Refrigerated centrifuge)

Packed cells are stored in Blood bank refrigerator in +2oC  to +6 o C .
Plasma is stored in Deep freezer in  – 40 o C for 1 year.                
Platelets are stored in platelets incubater with agitator for 5 days.   Laminar Air flow
Component separation is carried out in the laminar air flow with aseptic precaution. 


The qualified staff nurses and Lab technicians are doing compatibility test before issuing the blood to the patients.


                In 2012, we had conducted 238 camps successfully. We crossed more
than 200 camps in first time. It is one of the feathers in our crown.

Mobile Blood Bank vehicle is helped us to collect more numbers of blood units in donors premises. 


BLOOD BANK TRANSPORT VAN                                                   BLOOD MOBILE COLLECTING BUS



We have Lecture hall with OHP and Laptop. We had trained more
than hundreds of Doctors and thousands of allied medical professionals.

  • The Model Blood Bank of Tamilnadu.
  • One of the Regional Blood Bank in Madurai.
  • Mobile Blood Bank.
  • Training centre.
  • Components separating centre.
  • Performing screening tests to identify H.I.V , H.Bs.A.G, H.C.V , VDRL,and Malarial . .
  • Conducting and promoting Voluntary Blood donation camps regularly ( almost every day )
             We are very grateful and thankful to BDC,Madurai  Medical College, Red cross society, All N.S.S., and N.C.C Program officers in all college,all college students ,all voluntary donors  and all Voluntary Blood donation camp organizers for giving their hands to us to serve the public and nation. 


2003 – Best Blood Bank services in Tamilnadu for the year of 2003,
rewarded by TANSACS & TNBTC, Chennai.- First time

2004 – Best Blood bank Medical Officer award to Dr.V.Velusamy by TANSACS & TNBTC, Chennai

2009 – Best Blood Bank services in Tamilnadu for the year of 2009,rewarded by TANSACS & TNBTC, Chennai.- Second Time

2009 – Best Training Center award rewarded by TANSACS & TNBTC, Chennai

2009 – NACO announces our blood bank as Model blood bank .


Conducted Camps                                -     338

Total Collection                                     - 21620

Grouping & Rh Typing Done                 - 29435


Whole Blood and Packed Cells              - 22840 

Fresh Frozen Plasma                              -   7011

Platelets                                                  -   2750

Total no. of blood bags screened             - 22542


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