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          APPLICATION FOR STAFF (Contractual Basis)
          MADURAI - 625020
Affix a recent passport size photograph in colour


Serial Number :     To be Filled by Office                                
1. Post for which applied  
2. Name in full
3. Parent's / Spouse Name  
4.(a) Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)  
(b) Age DAYS      MONTHS      YEARS
5. Nationality and Religion:   
6. Educational Qualifications
(In chronological order from matriculation onwards. Enclose a separate sheet, if the space is insufficient)
7. Employment Record:
(Details in chronological order,
Enclose a separate sheet,
if the space is insufficient)
8. Total experience in years after Essential Qualification Months;     Years
9.  (i) Publications details:
(ii) Honors and Awards:
(iii) Memberships and Recognitions:
10. Details of research work / experience, if any : A separate sheet may be attached as annexure (do not exceed 200 words)  
11. Professional Training:  
SI No. Organization Period Details of Training
12. Present Employment Status:  
13. Present Pay Scale:  
14. (i) Address for Correspondence:
(a) Telephone (with STD Code)
(b) Mobile          
(c) e-mail ID
(ii) Permanent Address (leave if correspondence Address same)
15. Give below the names of two references (they must not be related to you) who are in a position to testify from their personal knowledge as to your fitness for the proposed appointment. They must be persons under whom you have worked or studied.
  (i)Name with full address with Contact No & E-mail :
  (ii)Name with full address with Contact No &  E-mail:
         I hereby certify that the foregoing information is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed /distorted. If at any time I am found to have concealed/distorted any material information, my appointment shall be liable to be summarily terminated without notice/compensation.
Date:                                                                     Signature of the Candidate

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