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  • MULTI DISCIPLINARY  RESEARCH UNIT (MRU), Madurai medical college, Madurai,is established   under the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA , ministry of health & family welfare ,Department of Health Research (DHR),  New Delhi . It was sanctioned on 08.02.2016. MRU is located opposite to CALAMITY WARD ( in the first floor of  old O &G department) , GRH, Madurai
  • Major function of MRU :
  • To undertake research in non communicable diseases, and other need-based research   as recommended  by    Local Research Advisory Committee  (RAC)
  • To promote and encourage quality medical research in the institution
  •    INFRASTRUCTURE for MRU in requisite space has been completed. We have enclosed the List of Equipments   available
  • Local Research Advisory Committee  (RAC) formed already was revised on 05.10.18 and copy sent to medical officers
  • Committee , governing council, finance advisory committee,    staff appointment committee, equipment committee, civil works committee,formed already was also revised on 05.10.18 and copy sent to medical officers
  • Recruitment of  staffs is on process& will be completed by the end of November.
  • Utility certificate will be sent after installation of equipments probably within a month
  • 11 proposals have been received from faculties of various departments and will be submitted for ETHICAL CLEARANCE  to be held by SECOND WEEK OF NOVEMBER.
  • Faculties are also invited with NEW PROPOSALS as per format for  UPCOMING ETHICAL CLEARANCE

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