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                              The department of ENT and head & neck diseases of Government Rajaji Hospital and Madurai Medical College established in 1958, is the major tertiary care and referral centre serving the population of southern Tamilnadu. The department is well equipped with Modern Operation theatre, OP setup, wards, Audiology unit, Speech and rehabilitation services, Temporal bone lab, Departmental library and Seminar hall to run outpatient services, inpatient care, to perform surgeries, 24x7 emergency services, medical education and research activities.


                             The nucles of ENT department at Erskine hospital has started about 6 decades ago. Slowly and steadily the department was build up by honorary ENT surgeons – Dr.Sankaran Dr.G.P.Rajan And Dr.K.V.Radhakrishnan. After the medical college came into existence there was a rapid progress due to increasing efforts of Prof. Udpeidullah. Prof.Kameswaran, Prof.Ghouse Mohaideen

            During the golden period of Prof.Kameswaran the post graduate course was started in ENT department. Because of its popularity among publics and influence at official circles, DLO and MS seats were sanctioned, initially under Kamaraj University now under Dr.M.G.R.Medical University,Chennai.

PROFESSORS AND HODS                                                 PERIOD

Dr.Mohammed Upiedullah                                                   1958-1962
Dr.S.Kameswaran                                                                  1963-1973
Dr.Mohammed Ghouse Moihuddin                                     1974-1978
Dr.T.M.Parameswaran                                                           1978-1983
Dr.P.Sadanandam                                                                  1983-1987
Dr.A.Viswanathan                                                                    1987-1989
Dr.K.N.Shahul Hameed                                                         1989-1997
Dr.S.Shakuntala                                                                      1997-2001
Dr.Sivanandan                                                                         2001-2002
Dr.B.R.Rathinakumar                                                             2002-2004
Dr.R.Maharaja                                                                          2004-2006
Dr.Arunachalam                                                                       2006-2007
Dr.Jyothikumar                                                                         2007-2008

            The department is functioning with
  • Professor and HOD                                      1
  • Associate Professor                                     1
  • Assistant Professor                                      5
  • Audiometrican                                                1
  • Audiologist And Speech Therapist             1

                                                           The department imparts quality education to 150 third year MBBS students each year, the basics and primary care of otorhinolaryngology .Department also conducts the Thiru.S.V.KR. Gold medal examination for third year MBBS students every year. It also trains and guides CRRI’s in OP management of cases, identification of ENT emergencies, IP care & assisting surgeries like tonsillectomies, septoplasty and mastoidectomies.

Each year it accommodates 3 MS and 5 DLO Postgraduate student admissions -approved by MCI.

Department have also organised southzone AOI conference in 1992 & state AOI conference in year 1999,2004 & 2012.

                                                             The departmental library is housed with 180 books, 220 journals & CDs of all major surgeries which are available to all residents and professors during office hours and also has a lending facility.

Seminar hall
                                                         The dept is endowed with seminar hall facility with audiovisual aid for UG and PG training programmes. PG teaching seminar programme were conducted three times a month regularly. 

Temporal bone dissection lab
                                                          The temporal bone dissection laboratory equipped to impart hands on learning in mastoid and ear surgeries for residency training and research activities. It is equipped with operating microscope, motor & drill, suction and bone holder.


1.Dr.Sarada - University gold medal in DLO examination .    2. Dr .Sangeetha   - University gold medal in MS examination 2011.                         3. Dr.Thilak Shantharam   - University gold medal in DLO examination 2011.            4. Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram – Prof. Sadasivam gold medal in XV state conference.    5. Dr. Sathish kumar   - First prize in poster presentation XV state conference.         6. Dr. Mohammed abdoul khader – First prize in poster presentation in UIORL, MMC Chennai.


                  1. Miss. Manju Bashini.D in 2011, 
                  2. Mr. Yash Vardhan Sinha in 2012.


OP no.30 under department of ENT and head & neck diseases is one of the busiest op’s in the hospital is run by two units on all 7 days of a week.

OP Timings 
                                     7:30am to 12 noon – weekdays

                                     7:30am to 10 am  - Sundays

                                      I unit  - Monday, Wednesday & Fridays

                                     II unit – Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays

                                     Sundays are managed alternatively between two units



Male Female Children Total
2010 40944 43216 27876 112036
2011 41028 41824 28049 110930
2012 40609 36417 25152 106278
Average daily OPD : 302 patients per day

Vertigo clinics
                                                           Vertigo clinics are organised daily managed by two units on alternating days in association with general physician and neurologists.

Headache clinics
                                                            Headache clinics offering expert management and pain relief to the patients by a team of ENT surgeons, neurologists and ophthalmologists.

                                               The department has four wards under its management
                                                             203     :   Male Ward       &   203a   :   Head And Neck Oncology And Radiotherapy

                                                             204     :   Female Ward   &   204a   :   Post Operative Ward

The department is furnished with total bed strength of 45 beds i.e.,

                                                              I unit :   23 beds,

                                                             II unit :   22 beds.


                        Total no of admissions           :              2010 : 1908; 
                                                                                            2011: 2061;  
                                                                                            2012: 1896.

Average daily admissions     :             6.5

Average daily IPD                 :              48.3

Bed occupying ratio              :              107.3%

                                                                Emergency services are provided by the department 24 x 7 of a week effectively managing Epistaxis, Stridor, Emergency airway management (poisoning & faciomaxillary trauma), Cut throat injuries, Foreign bodies of upper aerodigestive tract ..etc…..


                                                              The ENT theatre is run exclusively for ENT surgeries for 6 days a week is facilitated with four operating tables.

                                                                It is well furnished with monitor and digital recording system for endoscopic sinus surgeries, operating microscopes for microlaryngeal and microear surgeries, flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopes and telebronchoscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

                                                                It performs surgeries from adenotonsillectomies, septoplasty, mastoidectomies to major surgeries like laryngectomies, JNA excision, maxillectomies, septorhinoplasty and stapedectomies.


Year Major surgeries Minor procedures
2010 1321 2813
2011 1456 3617
2012 1532 3613
Average no.of major surgeries per day: 4.8

            Audiological evaluations provide information about structure and function of human auditory system. Based on the audiological reports, for sensorineural hearing loss patients, hearing aid trial and fitting can be done.
SERVICES AVAILABLE IN AUDIOLOGY WING                                                        
  1. Pure Tone Audiometry              
  2. Immittance Audiometry
  3. Oto Acoustic Emissions Audiometry
  4. Hearing aid Trial and Fitting

            Speech – Language Therapy is advised for patients with speech and hearing impairments. The following types of patients will get benefits from speech therapy:
  1. Delayed speech and language
  2. Hearing impaired
  3. Cerebral palsy
  4. Autism
  5. Mentally challenged
  6. Stuttering
  7. Misarticulation
  8. Voice problems
  9. Aphasia
  10. Dysarthria.


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